ISO 20121 - Certification for Sustainable Event Management

  • ISO 20121 - Certification for Sustainable Event Management

Europalco Achieves Certification for Sustainable Event Management

Europalco proudly announces the attainment of the ISO 20121 certification, marking its contribution to sustainability in corporate events. This distinction, awarded by EIC - Empresa Internacional de Certificação, consolidates Europalco's position as a leading provider of environmentally friendly and socially responsible event services.

This certification highlights Europalco's focus on sustainability across all its operations, adhering to stringent criteria for sustainable event management. These standards prioritize mitigating environmental, social, and economic impacts, as well as ensuring event safety. The certification reflects Europalco's commitment to several principles, such as a sustainable approach, brand elevation, legal compliance, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, innovation promotion, and risk mitigation.

“We believe that sustainability is not just a goal but a journey towards creating a better future for everyone,” says Pedro Magalhães, CEO of Europalco. He adds, “Through continuous innovation, collaboration, and responsible business processes, Europalco strives to be a model of excellence in the event sector, driving positive changes and leaving a lasting impact on society and the environment.”

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